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GATE: Gifted and Talented Education Award for Dr. Foster


For Immediate Release:

Tri-County GATE Council is pleased to honor Dr. Stephanie Foster.

Each year Tri-County GATE Council recognizes outstanding individuals who have made extraordinary contributions to gifted education. This award was granted March 9, 2012 in Ventura County.
Dr. Foster has volunteered many hours at the Orcutt Union School District GATE Challenge activities, helping children think outside the box of regular classroom activities. Dr. Foster is also intricately involved in the Orcutt Academy K-8 Battle of the Books competitions. She assists the students to read, understand, and manage the excitement of competition. This activity is open to both GATE and regular education students. Battle of the Books supports children’s love for reading, in a friendly competition. This involvement has benefited and challenged children to read books and share enthusiasm for learning.

Dr. Foster presented a workshop to the GATE community in November 2011 on bridging the gap between sensory processing and gifted learning characteristics.

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