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Dr. Foster presents at the Occupational Therapy Association of California annual conference


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Kid’s Work is pleased to announce that Dr. Stephanie Foster will present at the Occupational Therapy Association of California’s (OTAC) 2013 Annual Conference. The event is held in Sacramento, CA on October 25, 2013.  Her workshop is titled ““The Parent-OT Team: Effective Interventions for Pediatric Therapists”. This is a three hour workshop, aimed at helping occupational therapists build effective communication and therapy plans with the families.

Children with developmental difficulties present challenges to parenting. OTs working in pediatrics gain an especially close relationship with families of their children. OTs have a unique opportunity to provide education & support to these parents. Yet, establishing a secure relationship with trust, security, and the ability to promote risk-taking is often difficult.

This workshop examines how OTs can combine their therapeutic use of self with expert counseling techniques to promote a strong parent-therapist bond. OTs also use sensory integration techniques with parents to promote understanding of their own unique sensory processing patterns. One of the presenters will share her journey through therapy with her four children, the real-life struggles & stresses, and how she successful navigated the medical and educational system to advocate for her family. Participants will then participate in a case-study and offer their own ideas to create an evidence-based treatment intervention.

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