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Dr. Stephanie presents inservice to Family Support Services Agency in Lompoc, CA


Dr. Stephanie Foster & Dayra Lopez presented an informative three hour workshop to the Family Support Services Agency in Lompoc, CA on September 9, 2013. The workshop was titled “Sensational News—An Introduction to the Sensory World!!” Ten Marriage & Family Therapist (MFTs), and their supervisors participated in an active introduction to sensory processing disorders and it’s relationship to mental health difficulties in children. Participants shared that “This was a great workshop. All the participants felt overwhelmingly positive. I felt that the information was really interesting and eye opening, since most of them had never heard of sensory integration before. My colleagues loved how interactive it is and said that the 3 hours flew by. They really liked doing their own sensory profile and it was neat to learn about each others’ sensitivities. They felt that both you and Dayra were great speakers/presenters and were clear and funny and personable. And we all definitely got some ideas that we will be implementing in our work.  One of my coworkers, Araceli, thought it was so interesting and fun that she mentioned wanting to go back to school for occupational therapy!”  from Shirley Wu, MFT intern.

Dr. Foster & her staff are available to give workshops to area agencies.  Call us at (805) 264-1553 for more information.

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