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Thank you, Lindsey!


Hello Dr. Foster!

I hope you had a wonderful summer. First of all, I owe you many thanks! After you connected with me with Mr. Amali, he referred me to a nursing and rehabilitation center near my hometown. He assured that it was one of the best in northern California. I shadowed there for about 40 hours this summer, and I had the most amazing experience. Shadowing the OT’s and connecting with the patients really opened my eyes to working in geriatrics. I truly enjoyed myself, and learned so much. Thank you for opening the door for that opportunity! I am very appreciative.

Also, thank you for being so willing to let me shadow you. I would love to shadow your evening workshop on October 14th! It sounds like a great experience, and I am very interested in the topic at hand. Thank you for so graciously offering me an invitation! Looking forward to hearing from you.

Lindsey Hightower

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