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The Great Big Challenge a Great Big Success!


The Great Big Challenge (GBC) was a special event designed to help children achieve big goals. Each participating family identified an area with which they needed special assistance and worked on a sticker chart behavioral reward system for a solid month. Each time the child completed particular tasks, he or she received a sticker. Dr. Foster monitored each child’s progress and suggested ideas to overcome obstacles. A at Ozzie's after the GBCAt the end of the month, the group met at Ozzie’s Frozen Yogurt in Santa Maria. Thanks to a generous donation from Ozzie’s, the children shared their accomplishments and celebrated with free frozen yogurt sundaes. Kid’s Work is proud of all the children who participated.

Because the children are the success stories of the GBC, their stories and achievements are especially important. Here’s what the children accomplished:


1. A. learned how to think flexibly. He used to have a lot of difficulty when plans changed. Through the GBC, he now can think flexibly and no longer gets so upset when he doesn’t get his way or his parents say “no.” This was a great big challenge because A. likes to play on his video game devices and his parents want him to limit his use to an hour a day, and only at certain times. Kid’s Work salutes his ability to learn and grow. Great job A.!


2. H. is a rock star with the Great Big Challenge. She used to have difficulty sitting still and concentrating on her math homework. Her mother wanted her to complete four math worksheets without supervision. H. not only wanted to complete four worksheets, but she chose as a goal to complete them in 38 minutes. Through the sticker reward system, H. is now able to complete six math worksheets without supervision. Way to go H!


3. Before the GBC, J. had difficulty with handwriting. After the GBC, J. accomplished his goal of improving his handwriting. This Great Big Challenge involved daily hand strengthening and letter formation activities. Over the course of the month-long challenge, J. increased his hand strength five pounds! He also now uses much better technique to form his printed letters. Keep writing J.!

H after the GBCSometimes children have habits that normal parenting cannot overcome. Parents may need special assistance in dealing with these “difficult-to-parent” behaviors. Occupational therapy helps children with motor skills, developmental delays, and picky eating habits. OT can help children overcome their challenges in a fun, motivating, and effective manner. If you’d like further information on these services, please contact Dr. Foster at

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