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Kid’s Work Now Offers Yoga for Parents


In recent years, several articles and blogs have praised the practice of yoga as a means of helping children with special needs better achieve mental calmness and a sense of control. Although Kid’s Work agrees there are some benefits for children who practice yoga, parents may also benefit from the activity’s calming techniques.

The practice of yoga has long been used as a means of improving one’s physical and mental health. Originating in India, yoga practitioners are now found around the world. One element that attracts so many enthusiasts is yoga’s incredible accessibility and diversity. Options range from beginner classes for recreationists to intensive yoga for flexible lifelong participants. Of course, the meditative components also attract those seeking a new way to relax and unwind.

Recently, Dr. Foster completed her 200-hour training program with Yoga Alliance and now offers a weekly yoga session for parents of children with special needs. Yoga CertificateDr. Foster understands that when parents focus so diligently on taking care of others, they sometimes forget to take care of themselves. With Dr. Foster’s “Eight Fold Path,” parents are invited to learn new meditative postures, re-center themselves, and reclaim their bodily health. If you are interested in finding ways to relax and regain your mental sharpness, join Dr. Foster on Tuesday mornings at 10 o’clock for a one hour session. Although there are no regularly scheduled yoga sessions for children at this time, they will soon be a reality.

For additional information about yoga alliance, visit For additional information about the benefits of children practicing yoga, click here. If you have questions about the session led by Dr. Foster, or about arranging a private session for you or your child, send them to Dr. Foster will respond promptly with the answer you need to begin your yoga journey.

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