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Kid’s Work Well Represented at OTAC


If you follow the Kid’s Work blog, during the last few months you may have noticed posts about the Occupational Therapy Association of California (OTAC) convention that took place from October 22nd to 25th in Sacramento. We are happy to report that Kid’s Work was well represented. Not only did Dr. Foster have a successful presentation on the “Impact of Technology Use on the Child’s Brain,” but others in the Kid’s Work family also attended. Dr. Foster and Jamie at OTAC 2015Jaime Santana (pictured with Dr. Foster), Jamie Riker, and Richard Besel offered their support and were a constant presence in the exhibition hall. If you attended Dr. Foster’s session, thank you for your support of the Kid’s Work family. If you missed the presentation, perhaps we will see you at next year’s gathering. Be sure to check the OTAC website for more information. Kid’s Work will also post updates about next year’s conference as the time approaches.

Finally, Kid’s Work wishes to commend all of the OTs with whom we chatted. Whether you are a lifelong friend or a new acquaintance, your work is important and we encourage you to keep helping others find new ways of living their everyday lives. The Kid’s Work family had a great 2015 OTAC conference and hopes you did as well.

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