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2016 Playgroups a Success


Kid’s Work completed another set of successful summer play groups. The sessions began on June 21 and met every Tuesday and Thursday until the meetings ended on July 21. This year Kid’s Work featured five well-attended groups with nearly 13 participants. Also featured for the first time in a significant way was supplemental work with interactive metronome.  These supplemental interactions lasted 30 minutes, twice a week.

Kid's Work Plasma CarsTwo of the groups this year were the Picky Eaters group and the Alert Program. The featured picture above was taken during a session of the picky eaters group. While learning to eat different and nutritious foods may be challenging for some, Kid’s Work introduced several kids to new tastes and experiences, including green eggs and ham.

In the second image are two of this year’s participants on plasma cars, proving that therapy is not only useful, but fun.

Keep checking the Kid’s Work website for more information about future programs. If you wish to contact us, feel free to email Dr. Foster (



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