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Note from Stephanie Foster PhD, OTR/L


Kid’s Work started in 2002, as a result of one very persistent mother asking for help for her child. More than 15 years later, Kid’s Work has provided cutting edge, evidence based services to over 320 children. Services have been provided in the Sensory Integration clinic, in the Richmind clinic and the current location on Wildflower Dr. In addition, 5 other Occupational Therapists (OTs) provided services in children’s homes. In addition, Dr. Foster provided mentoring to 6 college students exploring OT as a career, 3 Level 2 Fieldwork students, and countless volunteers. Last year, Kid’s Work joined the VTC staff to create a Sensory Integration program. The past 26 years as a professional OT taught me so much. One lesson that continues to inspire me is that each child has a special lesson to teach, you only have to listen hard enough.

Today I must inform you that Kid’s Work will stop offering OT on the Central Coast this month. My husband retired from 26 years in the Air Force last year. I recently accepted a position with the Department of Army in Landstuhl, Germany. I began my OT career overseas, providing therapy to children of the military. Now, I will again be providing pediatric occupational therapy services to the children of our active duty troops stationed overseas. I will be moving June 26, 2017, and will soon begin the process of selling our home and closing the clinic.

It is with mixed emotions that I share this news. Our family is excited for this new adventure, and curious what living overseas will be like. However, we will miss you and your precious children. I first off want to say Thank You for sharing your program, your victories, and your struggles. I am so humbled to share these past 13+ years caring for the children and families on the Central Coast. I hope that in some way, Occupational Therapy has helped your patients to function.

I am privileged to be part of the Santa Maria community and thank you once again for helping Kid’s Work be a blessing to myself, my family, and all the children who are part of the Kids’ Work family. I am honored to be part of the Central Coast’s medical community and to have had the opportunity to work from you and your staff. Should you have any questions or find yourself in Germany in the near future, please contact me.

Sincerely, Stephanie M. Foster PhD, OTR/L

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