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Introducing Napoleon: Kid’s Work Newest Staff Member

  Kid’s Work is pleased to announce that Napoleon has been awarded the “Therapy Dog” Certificate from American Therapy Dog “ATD”. Kid’s Work is a family owned and operated business. Recently the family dog has joined the staff. Currently, Napoleon is available to meet with children and families going through stress and difficulties. He greets everyone with a big “BARK” and enthusiastically works hard for treats. Children at Kid’s Work get to play with Napoleon as a way to enhance their participation in their every day occupations.

     Napoleon visited a local Skilled Nursing Facility in San Luis Obispo for his test. Yvette, Kid’s Work OT graduate student, reflected on this visit: “Growing up I heard about pet therapy and how it can have a positive impact on a person. For the first time today, I got to experience firsthand what pet therapy is all about and how people respond to it. As I walked around the halls of a skilled nursing facility alongside Dr. Foster and Napoleon, I immediately noticed the smiles and positive reactions patients had. Most of the patients in the facility were alone in their rooms or hallways, and as Napoleon and Dr. Foster approached them and asked if they would like a visit from Napoleon, most patients immediately said yes. Their faces lit up as they saw Napoleon and started conversations with Dr. Foster about Napoleon or their memories of their pets. Although the visits with each patient only lasted a few minutes, I could instantly see how it changed a patient’s mood and made them sociable, which ultimately leads to a healthier life.”

Please contact Dr. Stephanie at (805) 815-5634 if you would like more information on how pet therapy can help your child function. Napoleon is happy to visit with you and your family .

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