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8 Myths About Sensory Processing Disorder


Here’s an excellent article from on the 8 myths of Sensory Processing disorders. We know from research, that Sensory Processing Disorders (SPD) do exist. Children respond to the world through their 8 senses. This author, Amanda Morin, does a good job explaining the background senses (proprioception & vestibular senses) and the newer sense of interoception.
She talks about how one myth is that kids with SPD are just over-reacting. Actually, most children with SPD are not consciously/willfully mis-behaving, but have a true experience in their brains that the world just isn’t right. These children often lack self-control, because they can’t make sense of their worlds. Things seem out of proportion to what’s actually happening. She also does a good job in a brief way to explain the how the other childhood diagnoses of ASD & ADHD interact with SPD. I tell my families here to give OT a full and complete commitment for at least 6 months. This intensive therapy should help tease out what’s sensory & what’s pure attention or relational/social skills-oriented.…/common-myths-about-sensory-processing-issues

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