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Computer Vision Syndrome- OTAC Conference 2021


Reducing Computer-Related Eye Fatigue For Children During Online Academics

Technology makes our lives easier, faster, and helps us accomplish more- most of the time. Technology is a fact of modern life. Almost everything one does these days is somehow connected to or enhanced by the use of technology. As students return to the classroom from the unprecedented pandemic of 2020, educators are finding a huge impact of the online learning. Students returning to the classroom, or continuing in the online environment, are exhibiting more symptoms of computer-related eye fatigue and attentional difficulties.

Dr. Foster and Nicole Foster are keenly aware of how all this screen time is impacting childrens’ functioning. They are concerned at how all this online learning impacts all children. Even when technology is integrated into the classroom in a productive and educationally relevant manner, children are still looking at screens for 4-6 hour per day! It is imperative for educators, parents, and therapists to understand the impact of computers and screen time on the developing nervous system.

This video examines how OT’s, educators, and parents can help students to reduce computer vision syndrome. Participants will then learn how to create a media diet to promote thoughtful reflection. Join us for an informative hour looking at:

  1. Normal visual development & how online learning is affecting children’s brains. 
  2. Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS):  What is CVS & what are the causes & risk factors? 
  3. Identify how to reduce eye fatigue for yourself & your children during online learning
  4. Implement a media diet at home to help children & your own eyes. 

The YouTube Link to our recorded lecture on Computer Vision Syndrome can be found here:

Dr. Foster is a pediatric occupational therapist who is passionate about helping children
function. She offers therapy to children with self-regulation and sensory processing difficulties on
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