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Testimonials From Summer Playgroups 2022!


We are pleased to announce that the Kid’s Work Therapy Playgroups ran this summer were a huge success! Thank you to all that participated! Here is some lovely feedback we have received from friends and family this summer:

“Dr. Stephanie’s ability to keep the kids actively participating in play group [was one good aspect]. Every one was involved and cheering. My child loved going to playgroups.”

“In the short time we have gone, [our child] has improved so much. She has the ability to tell us what is wrong now. We have maybe two had times where she was unconsolable, and this was usually an everyday experience before Kid’s Work.”

“I don’t know where to start. My daughter has embraced Super Flex. Knowing words to describe what is going on in her head allows us to work through any issues. She knows what she needs to reset.”

“Very good group technique. It was helpful for [my child] to socialize with other children.”

“Brushings have really become a staple calming technique when combined with music. The trampoline has been an excellent addition for [my child]. It has been a great outlet for him.”

“Hearing [my child’s] perspective on where he thinks he struggles with vs. where I think. Him seeing others also struggle helps him see it. We can talk and I know better the right response.”

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