About Us

Kid’s Work Therapy offers a world-class comprehensive program designed around evidence-based research.

A Mission to Support Your Child

At Kid’s Work Therapy, we are on a mission to support your child in reaching their fullest potential, unlocking new areas of growth, and optimizing their functional journey to live their best life.

We go to great lengths to provide the most effective interventions based on current evidence-based research and knowledge available. Kid’s Work Therapy has experienced great success by getting to the root of many common issues, puzzling deficits, and frustrating behaviors. By building and strengthening neurological pathways, optimizing the central nervous system, and implementing interventions focused on short-term and long-term progress, we can deliver results that last a lifetime.

Our Location

Kid’s Work is located on the border of Santa Maria and Orcutt. Our families visit us from all over the Central Coast, from Paso Robles to Santa Barbara.  This includes our military families stationed at Vandenberg Air Force Base and Lompoc, CA.  

The clinic is situated in a natural environment, to help children feel comfortable and secure, while trying new and challenging activities.  This home-based environment optimized your child’s functional ability to achieve their highest potential.  

Dr. Stephanie Foster

Kid’s Work Therapy is led by world-renowned Occupational Therapist, Dr. Stephanie Foster, Ph.D., OTR/L, RYT200. In addition to being a published author, researcher, public speaker, and award-winning Occupational Therapy Practitioner, Dr. Foster built Kid’s Work Therapy over the past 20 years. She is on a purpose-driven path to identify the root of the cause to the most common developmental challenges, learning barriers, and functional deficits found in children today while providing an innovative and evidence-based intervention that delivers optimal outcomes and results.