Book Dr. Stephanie to Speak

Dr. Foster is excited to share her knowledge and experience in fun, interactive sessions with you. Below is a range of sample topics.  Please contact Dr. Foster directly to discuss specific interests of your group.  These workshops are available in 1-2 hour short sessions, 4-8 hour intensive sessions, and multi-day experiences.

Workshops can be in person (once the current situation makes this available), or through video-conferencing.

Available Topics

  • Self-Regulation and Mindfulness Activities for Sensory Processing Disorder. 
  • Teens and Technology: Promoting Balance, & the Impact of Technology on the Developing Child’s Brain.  
  • Sensory Processing Treatment of Birth Difficulties & Developmental Delays, including the relationship of prenatal and perinatal events and maternal sensory processing on a child’s sensory processing, and maternal sensory processing on a child’s sensory processing. 
  • Smart & Sensitive: Sensory Processing Disorders & Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) Children. 
  • Integrating Sensory Processing and Attachment Disorders into Occupational Therapy. 
  • Mothers of “Out-of-Sync” Children:  Helping Moms make sense of sensory processing patterns—An Evidence Based Approach. 
  • How do prenatal and perinatal events impact a child’s sensory processing? 
  • What is Occupational Therapy? 
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder and Occupational Therapy.
  • The impact of sensory integration disorders on mental health for children. 
  • Let’s Play:  Enhancing the occupations of childhood through playgroups. 
  • Enhancing learning with classroom materials. 
  • Growing handwriting and motor skills for children at home and in the classroom.