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By: Stephanie M. Foster PhD, OTR/L School is back in session! Students are once again adjusting to sitting still in their desks for long periods of time. Many students have trouble sitting in their chairs after an active summer. This article presents a few simple

An Evidence-Based Review by Marie Foster What is Therapeutic Listening? How Does It Help? Therapeutic Listening Program (TLP) is a neuroscience-based program that produces highly beneficial outcomes for people with autism.  People who use TLP find improvements in language development, sensory processing skills, find &

By Marie Foster Kid’s Work is committed to providing state of the art Occupational Therapy to children experiencing self-regulation difficulties.  One of the interventions we offer is Interactive Metronome (IM).   “Interactive Metronome, otherwise known as IM, is a training tool to improve brain ability for

On Saturday, October 29, 2022, Dr. Stephanie Foster and graduate student Jessica Carranza presented at the annual OTAC conference on the condition alexithymia. Congratulations to Dr. Stephanie Foster and her graduate student, Jessica Carranza! Together, this team of two presented at the Occupational Therapy Association

Kid’s Work Therapy would like to congratulate Dr. Peg Bledsoe on being awarded the 2022 NBCOT Impact Award! This award recognizes certified occupational therapy practitioners who demonstrate exceptional professional commitment through their dedication, hard work, and outstanding OT skills to improve their clients’ overall life

We are pleased to announce that the Kid’s Work Therapy Playgroups ran this summer were a huge success! Thank you to all that participated! Here is some lovely feedback we have received from friends and family this summer: “Dr. Stephanie’s ability to keep the kids

A lecture on the agenesis of the corpus callosum, presented by our Fieldwork Level II student, Jessica Carranza!

Reducing Computer-Related Eye Fatigue For Children During Online Academics Technology makes our lives easier, faster, and helps us accomplish more- most of the time. Technology is a fact of modern life. Almost everything one does these days is somehow connected to or enhanced by the

Give your kids a unique opportunity to learn and grow and learn in 2021. Kid’s Work is offering play groups for enrichment and remediation, which helps kids practice skills vital for success in school and in life. Groups consist of up to 5 children of

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Stephanie Foster has earned the International Yoga Alliance designation of Registered Yoga Teacher 500. Dr. Foster has completed a 300 hour yoga teacher training certification over the past year.  According to the International Yoga Alliance, an RYT500 is

The battle between Pilates practitioners and self-proclaimed Yogis wages on and on, but, did you know you don’t have to pick a between pilates vs yoga? While yogis seem to love the focused efforts of mind body and spirit, Pilates aficionados like the no-nonsense focus