Kid's Work Therapy Staff

Santa Maria, CA
Stephanie Foster

Dr. Stephanie Foster, PhD, OTR/L RYT200

Founder, Kid’s Work Therapy

I am honored to be your guide on this journey to help your child. After 30-plus years of practicing as an occupational therapist (OT) both in private and school-based settings, my passion is assisting families in understanding their child’s sensory needs. I work with families to help figure out why kids are unable to self-regulate and how to manage meltdowns and other disruptive behaviors. I firmly believe in occupational therapy’s non-pharmacological approach to assisting children in thriving in their true occupations of living, learning, and playing.

Kayleigh Wilkes

Office Manager

Kid’s Work is pleased to welcome Kayleigh Wilkes as the newest member of the team.  You will meet her as the new office manager. Kayleigh graduated with her B.S. in Therapeutic Recreation from Temple University and became a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist. She has worked with kids all the way from the East Coast to the West Coast. Before joining the Kid’s Work team, Kayleigh worked at Casa Pacifica as a Therapeutic Behavior Specialist helping children build coping skills to encourage mindfulness and better communication. She is excited to continue her work motivating children to believe in their abilities and learn by playing. 

Kayleigh enjoys spending time with her family, including her 1 year old who keeps her on her toes.  She also enjoys board games and being outside with her two dogs. Kayleigh and her family are currently stationed at Vandenberg Air Force Base as her husband is Active Duty Air Force. As a new mother, Kayleigh likes to ensure that she helps other mothers and families in the best way she can with a caring hand. Mrs. Wilkes feels her work with kids and families is deeply important to help enrich the lives of children and make a difference to the families served.  

Kayleigh Wilkes - Kid's Work Therapy Staff Member

Brooke Stewart

Office Manager and Interactive Metronome Therapist

Kid’s Work Therapy is pleased to welcome Brooke Stewart. Ms. Stewart is assisting as the new office manager. She is a passionate Biology student at Allan Hancock College. She has worked as a tutor for three years and has learned how to personalize each session to every student. Brooke is a very active individual who enjoys the outdoors, exercising, and sports (particularly soccer, volleyball, and track). She assists the children of KWT with meaningful and active gross motor skills, including running, ball kicking, and throwing/catching. Brooke values teamwork and believes in the importance of supporting and motivating one another. At Kid’s Work Therapy, she encourages the children to believe in their abilities and enjoy the exercises. She is excited to work with Kid’s Work Therapy to improve the lives of children and make a difference in the lives of their family members.

Nicole Foster - Staff

Telehealth Interactive Metronome 

Kid’s Work is pleased to have Ms. Nicole Foster on the team of professionals dedicated to providing cutting edge & compassionate Occupational Therapy (OT). Ms. Foster is an energetic, inquisitive practitioner, and is passionate about education. During her free time, she reads, dances tango, and hangs out with friends.

 Nicole provides the Kid’s Work team with her attention to detail and caring, compassion for families. Ms. Foster is passionate about soldier’s health & quality of life.  She recently graduated from Cal Poly with a degree in kinesiology and is a commissioned officer in the Army Reserves. . She has led workshops for military teenagers promoting resilience and stress management. Her dream is to pursue her degree in Occupational Therapy and become an Army OT. At Kid’s Work Therapy, Ms. Nicole manages the IM-Home program, so that families can access specialized therapies while staying at home.

Marie Foster

Interactive Metronome Training for Kid’s Work Therapy

Marie is a highly talented individual who provides Interactive Metronome training for Kid’s Work Therapy. She is excited to continually help kids improve their cognitive, communicative, sensory, and motor performance skills by coming up with creative ideas to make IM sessions interactive and challenging for kids. She hopes to optimize sessions on an individual basis to encourage huge growths and good times for her kids.
In her free time, Marie loves to go on adventures with her friends, whether that’s the beach, hiking, or weekend trips to somewhere new. She is currently between schools and will be heading to college in Fall 2021 to study bioengineering with a focus on sustainability. Marie values the work that Kid’s Work Therapy does and is excited to be a part of the team!

Abby Declines

Kids Work Therapy is excited to welcome Abby Declines to our team. Abby is currently a college student at San Diego State University majoring in kinesiology and minoring in neuroscience. Growing up, she played volleyball and tennis, but right now she serves as a coxswain on her university’s men’s rowing team.

Abby is eager to gain experience and insight into the world of occupational therapy with KWT via Telehealth by helping kids with physical exercise skills, emotional maturation, and communication. 

Cambria DeVries

Kid’s Work is pleased to welcome Cambria DeVries to the therapy team.  Cambria is a third year student at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo studying Psychology. She plans to become an Occupational Therapist when she is older. She is on the path to earn her Doctorate in Occupational Therapy (DOT) after graduating from Cal Poly.

Cambria became interested in Occupational Therapy when she took a “Development Through the Lifespan” class and learned about the developmental difficulties that some children face. She wants to help these children and their families get through their obstacles and come out successful. In her free time, Cambria likes to hike, travel, hang out with friends, and visit her family.