New Patient Guide

At Kid's Work Therapy, we are dedicated to transforming the way therapy is delivered and optimizing your child’s experience.

From the minute you reach out, our goal is to provide you with a truly memorable intake process, where you feel supported and understood, as you embark on a new journey in best supporting your child. We are a practice that is based on “evidence-based research” and have created a therapeutic approach that supports our clientele throughout every step of the way with concrete milestones and goals being named and achieved!

 In order to provide the highest quality results, Kid’s Work Therapy has created the following therapeutic journey to support our clients and their families through every step.

Step 1
Initial Inquiry (Our Intake Process)

Call Us Today At (805) 815-5634 & we will answer your questions, breakdown therapeutic process, and get you scheduled. You can also schedule your initial consultation here.

 In order to provide the highest quality results, Kid’s Work Therapy has created the following therapeutic journey to support our clients and their families through every step.

Step 2
Our Evaluation Process

This is Dr. Foster’s favorite step.  She truly feels fortunate to meet your child, understand what their behavior is saying, and dig deep to figure out his/her foundational strengths and needs. This step of “asking the why” is extremely critical to understanding your child.  Many questions are asked during this stage, including: 

  • Why are these behaviors happening?
  • Why does she love this game so much?
  • What about this behavior is beautiful for him?
  • Why did she break away from play?
  • Why is he rocking?
  • Why is she repeating certain phrases?
  • Why did he hit me?

This initial assessment is where we capture all of your feedback. In addition to evaluating your child’s current barriers, completing standardized assessments, identifying milestone goals, we create a treatment plan that sets our patient’s journey up for success!

Adapted from:  Prisant, B.M., & Fields-Meyer, T. (2015).  Uniquely Human: A different way of seeing autism. New York: Simon & Schuster. 

Step 3
Intervention & Progress Analysis

This is where the magic happens. In our third step, we implement your child’s plan of care, introduce new strategies, activities, and intervention protocols as we optimize your child’s progress. Throughout this third step, we monitor and provide outcome-based testing to ensure progress is optimal and communicate how close we are to advancing to discharge.  

Service delivery is personalized to your child’s needs and your family’s desires.  Services are rendered in intensive twice weekly, or weekly intensity.  Some children attend therapy once a month using a family consultation model.  Some kids also come in for “tune-ups” after a prolonged break, just to make sure the skills they learn still help them to function.  

Final Step
The Discharge Process

At Kid’s Work Therapy, we are all about creating outcomes that last and ensuring your child does not regress. A discharge process is essential because it allows us, over several months, to reduce intervention in gradients while tracking continued progress and/or regression. One of the biggest barriers in the Occupational Therapy field today is children who make dramatic progress don’t have an appropriate discharge process. We plan to reduce frequency and duration of intervention of the course of 60 days prior to discharge to ensure there is no regression and that your child continues to thrive!

Preparing For Your Visit:

At Kid’s Work Therapy, we are committed to ensuring that you get the most value and greatest results for your investment. Upon completing our intake process with one of our specialists, you will receive an email from us that includes:

  • Instructions for completing our new client paperwork
  • Instructions for completing our clinical questionnaires
  • Instructions for submitting prior medical history reports, prescriptions, etc. 
  • Breakdown of what to expect from your first visit
  • Confirmation of your evaluation date and time

Our Funding
Insurances, different funding sources, etc.

Guess What…We Have You Covered! We offer a multitude of solutions to support your financial investment in your child. From insurance funding to school funding to FSA, Care, and More…We Have You Covered!   Be sure to ask about this during your initial intake call.