Kid's Work Therapy Santa Maria, CA

Kid’s Work Therapy offers a world-class comprehensive program designed around evidence-based research.

Specialized Programs


We work with many premature babies and babies with pre-natal drug exposure. These children may need help with general development, but also with self-calming, oral defensiveness, and associated motor skill delays.

Auditory Therapy

Specialized music is used to help children filter out background noise and improve their listening skills. Auditory therapy has also been shown to assist with regulating sleep patterns and improving body-space awareness.

Pet Therapy

Napoleon, our very own Doggo, is now available to help with therapy sessions.

Sensory Integration Therapy

OT that incorporates all sensory arenas (taste, smell, touch, sight, hearing, movement, and position). This therapy is highly effective in teaching self-regulation skills for attention deficit and related disorders.

Traditional Occupational Therapy

“Classic” OT to develop and improve fine motor skills and activities of daily living. These therapies are incorporated into all our services.


Dr. Stephanie and Nicole Foster recorded a podcast on the topic of teenagers and technology and how they have impacted each other.

Vestibular Rehabilitation

Exercise-based program that help a person understand where they are moving through space due to inner ear deficits.

Yoga / Wellness

Helping your child to focus and remain calm can be difficult, especially if they struggle with self-regulation. Dr. Foster is an advanced yoga teacher and is currently completing her 500-hour teacher certificate. This allows her to integrate breathing, grounding, and movement into your child’s sessions.

You are invited to join our “Embrace the inner child and inner peace within you” program through our Yoga for parents program!

  • “Parent and me” yoga classes in a package of 5 private sessions.
  • Individual therapy package of 5 private sessions.
  • Small group virtual classes for up to 5 participants. This is offered as a monthly membership for a weekly class.