Creative Strategies to Help Children Focus and Remain Calm Self Regulation and Mindfulness Activities for Sensory Processing Disorder:

by Stephanie M. Foster PhD OTR/L RYT

Ready, set, grow―60 activities to help kids with SPD focus, be happy, and stay calm

When children are out of sync with their senses, navigating everyday life can be challenging. Children with sensory processing disorder (SPD) can have a harder time interacting with their teachers, peers, and even parents. Self-Regulation and Mindfulness Activities for Sensory Processing Disorder is full of advice, information, and activities that can help you understand SPD and help your child improve their sensory processing skills so they can thrive in their world.

Inside Self-Regulation and Mindfulness Activities for Sensory Processing Disorder, you’ll find:

  • Sensory smart―Understand sensory processing disorder and how your child feels when they’re out of sync.
  • Focused fun―Discover creative and kid-friendly activities designed to specifically build self-regulation and mindfulness skills.
  • Play to learn―Interactive games designed for all types of sensory processing challenges make this an ideal resource to fit the individual needs of your child.

Let these creative solutions to complex behaviors help you navigate raising children with sensory processing disorder.

Testimonials Of Book

“I just received your book yesterday! Absolutely love it, you did a great job in the layout and ease of reading about the issues of SPD. I truly do wish this book had been written when I was just learning about SPD. You have done a great job in laying out the issues in layman’s terms.  

R.M.  mother & university professional”

“I absolutely loved it. This fabulous book entitled ‘Self-Regulation and Mindfulness Activities for Sensory Processing Disorder’ is easy to follow, of extreme relevance to all who work at homes providing Early Intervention Services, all who work in private and public schools,all who work in children’s hospitals and rehabilitation centers, and to all caring and loving families!  It is a must for all state and private organizations who support IDEA.  It provides a quick and fun reference for strategies and activities. All Early Interventionists, to include Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Speech/Language Pathologists, Child Psychologists, Social Workers, Music and Art therapists, Child Development Centers, Family Therapists, and Early Child Special Educators need this book!  

I am so excited to  have reviewed this book, and I am thrilled that it is on the market.  Please assure that this will be available for purchase at all the national and state conventions! This must include the Occupational Therapy conventions, the American Speech/Language Hearing Association conventions, the Physical Therapy Conventions, the ‘Birth to Three’ Conventions, military healthcare libraries and support services, the military and civilian family support conventions via federal and state educational seminars and workshops, all TRICARE family-support conventions, all Fleet and Family Support Centers, Air Force and Army Family Support Centers, and all state conventions for preventive healthcare. I have numerous friends who have been waiting for such an amazingly creative and handy tool to keep by their side daily!  Thank you!”   

Isabel Polakoff, SLP/L, CCC