Pediatric Occupational Therapy Kid's Work Therapy Service Offerings

Kid’s Work Therapy offers a world-class comprehensive program designed around evidence-based research.

Kid's Work Therapy Service Overview

Dr. Foster’s team delivers a therapeutic program with results-oriented intervention catering to the “whole child’s” functional goals.

This may include, but not limited to, addressing educational and medical goals, and helping your child become as independent as possible throughout their lifespan. We are passionate about creating custom intervention programs that guarantee results and cater to each child and their family, The end result ensures your child will thrive throughout their journey in life.

One of the most important secrets to success in your child’s therapeutic journey is continuity of care along with involvement of key people in your child’s life. We are huge proponents of engaging parents, caregivers, teachers, and other significant people that are part of the therapeutic journey and helping your child accomplish their goals and maximizing their ability to take risks and try new skills.