Now Offering Telehealth

Whether you call it telehealth, teletherapy, telerehab, or any other variation, we have you covered! At Kid’s Work Therapy, we offer one of the most comprehensive telehealth programs with an emphasis on advancing your child’s progress through creating a transitional care program

Kid's Work Therapy Our Telehealth Platform

Occupational therapy services via our telehealth platform provide our therapists with a unique opportunity to observe, assess, and facilitate the skilled practice of occupations (activities) that are challenging within your child’s natural home environment in real time.

Areas that can be addressed include:

  • Self-Care Skills and Engagement in Routines
  • Sensory Processing and Emotional Regulation
  • Fine-Motor, Visual Motor, and Visual Attention Skills
  • Executive Functioning
  • Mental Health and Behavioral Support
  • Accessibility, Assistive Technology, and Home Environment Assessment

Occupational Therapy Virtual coaching sessions

In these sessions, parents and child will learn new intervention strategies as our skilled Occupational Therapy practitioners introduce you to new ways to optimize your child’s goals, empowering activities, and a whole lot of fun backed by evidence-based research.

Weekly Occupational Therapy Home Exercise & Activities

When you sign up for our telehealth program, we are not just focused on interactive coaching sessions but we also offer weekly assigned activities, exercises and continued support in every phase of your child’s development.

Therapeutic Intervention Asynchronous / Store & Forward

This is your opportunity to capture your child’s barriers. Have you ever had that moment where you wish your therapist could see how your child functions in other environments? This is your chance! “Store and Forward” is an evidence-based telehealth approach where intervention is delivered “asynchronous” instead of “synchronous”. You simply record what you want your therapist to witness, they will then evaluate and analyze then send a recorded video back to you on how to remedy the situation in the future.

Fun & Innovative Play-Based Therapy

Imagine taking your therapist with you anywhere you go. Our telehealth program allows you to get care anywhere you want to be inclusive of implementing a “routines-based approach”, learning to engage in new environments, and ultimately optimizing our play-based approach in a fun and innovative way through our state-of-the-art telehealth platform.