Yoga Therapy

with Dr. Stephanie Foster

Why join yoga therapy?

  • Focus on your self-regulation
  • Gain flexibility
  • Breathe
  • Help your child to focus by understanding your own self-regulation
  • Get a custom yoga plan

Experience a rejuvenating session where you get to learn how to live in the moment, practice mindfulness, and keep your body healthy with the help of Dr. Stephanie Foster. 

First session is offered as a parent consulation. Additional sessions available at $150 for 3 sessions.

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Join Dr. Foster in this yoga therapy session to congratulate you on your child’s accomplishments these past six months.

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Out of Balance Kids Find Stability Through Yoga

We all know the benefits of practicing yoga- reduced stress, improved mobility.  But, research shows that it can also be a tool for treating developmental disabilities in children.    

According to a 2012 study in the American Journal of Occupational Therapy, students with Autism Spectrum Disorder participating in a yoga program showed “significant decreases of maladaptive behavior,” and the study “demonstrates that use of daily classroom-wide yoga interventions has a significant impact on key classroom behaviors among children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.”  

Dr. Stephanie Foster, CEO of Kid’s Work Therapy in Santa Maria, is using her yoga training to expand therapies available to children with developmental disorders.  With more than 30 years as a registered occupational therapist, Foster recently earned a master yoga teacher certification after completing a 500-hour yoga teacher training certification through International Yoga Alliance.  

During her coursework, Foster focused on how self-regulation is strengthened through a regular yoga practice. Foster uses this training during occupational therapy sessions with children who have difficulty with self-regulation to improve attention, focus, and behavioral functioning.  

“Over half of our clients participate in yoga training as part of their therapy, and as kids connect with their breath, parents report a decrease in problematic symptoms,” says Foster.  

Kid’s Work Therapy specializes in sensory processing disorders and provides specialized therapies for children with special needs, behavioral problems or developmental delays like Attention Deficit Disorder and Autism Spectrum Disorder.  

“Through deep breathing and strength and flexibility training, we have found yoga training improves coordination and fine motor skill deficits and helps kids develop tools to calm themselves and focus so they function much better at home and at school,” reports Foster.   

 In addition to yoga therapy, Kid’s Work Therapy offers traditional occupational therapy, sensory integration therapy, auditory processing therapy, Interactive Metronome, and playgroup therapy. They cater to all ages of children and stages of development, including early intervention, preschool-aged children, and school-aged children.